God’s business strategy?

Ever had a superficial conversation suddenly run your blood cold? On the short cab-ride to my hotel following FOWA (more to follow), the cab driver was explaining the extension of the conference venue. This is not usually the preamble to a conversation that changes your perspectives, except maybe on the architectural uses of steel spider’s […]

Organising the Workspace

Having been inspired by Lifehacker’s workspace show and tell, I’ve decided to organise my workspace a bit. I have a quite deep, wooden desk with drawers which tend to fill with clutter. I’ve decided to feed a powerstrip through the back of one of the drawers so I can plug in two usb hubs and […]

Kiva, revisited

It’s been a few months since I last spoke about Kiva.org, and I wanted to bring it up again. Since writing, I’ve tried out the lending scheme, and am blown away with the ability to make a difference to places where it’s seriously needed. Not only has Kiva created an infrastructure for microlending which makes […]

Defensive Pre-tension

I was listening to one of Stephen Fry‘s ‘podgrams’—”Wallpaper”—in which he briefly touched on the idea that the English tend to classify something as ‘pretentious’ if they don’t understand it. It’s a form of defense of tradition or perspective. Intelligence or flamboyance are marked as a personality flaw; people exhibiting uncomfortable behaviour or traits are […]

Too much to read, too little time

Last week, I wrote about Nick Carr’s new book on ZDNet’s Web 2.0 Explorer blog. I got home last night to find a note from the Post Office confirming that the anticipated Amazon parcel had arrived. Also waiting for me were three editions of the Financial Times, this month’s Wired and this month’s Harvard Business […]

Church 2.0: Part 1 (Rough Draft)

Having been reading Rob Bell’s Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith, I’ve begun formulating a few thoughts on what some have called the ’emergent church’. Because I work with the internet, I tend to see things from an ‘online’ perspective. When I see a presentation, I ask why it doesn’t link to resources and I […]