Hey up, I’m Zach.

I am Zach Beauvais. At work, I help organizations tell stories. Here, I write occasionally (it used to be more often). I’ve written about the web and spent a few years as a community manager for the semantic-web technology community.

I also take photos and make things out of green wood.

I take photos.

I write a lot, but only occasionally here.

Chain-linked fencing, representing Caledonian Road and urban imprisonment

Moving to Caledonian Road

“No, it’s on Caledonian Road. It’s not got a number on it, you’ll have to find the shop that sells bongs, just up from the Tibetan Buddhist centre. If the head shop’s closed, look for the shutters with “Fuck you” spray-painted on them. It’s the blue door to the right. If you get to the big prison, you’ve gone too far.”

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Bowl of decent spoons

A spoon carver’s Progress

If I were gracious, I’d call it asymmetrical. But, really, it’s lopsided. The walls are thick, clunky. Neither the shape nor lines of the handle inspire grace.

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Green Woodworking

I carve spoons with axes.

Blade-work starts after the spoon blank is close to its final shape. Then, I use a hook-knife to hollow out the bowl.