Why do I want more coffee gadgets?

Gizmodo is a techblog with loads of interesting products. They have a complete set of Coffee-tagged products, all of which I want to own.

I have no idea why, but I’ve got this thing for coffee gadgets. Every part of the kit appeals to me.

  • I love coffee
  • They’re gadgets
  • They involve an addictive process (like setting up a blogging engine)
  • It’s a type of lifehack
  • There’s a considerable risk (you might get burned, or it might explode)

So, if you have any coffee gadgets you’d like to tell me about, please let me know!!!


P.S. this is my first post ever using BlogJet… It’ll probably also be my last, since it’s virtually the same as Windows Live Writer, but costs—and isn’t as pretty.

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what is the point of decaff?

Clearly, the point, is for people who are negatively affected by caffeine to be able to enjoy the taste of coffee or tea.

Decaffeination leaches much of the flavour from tea or coffee, though, leaving it tasting washed out and watery. Decaff tea, to me, tastes papery and flat. Decaff coffee loses many of the higher and lower notes to the flavour, and ends up tasting somewhat bandwidth-limited. (That is, acids and sugars which, to me, taste high and low are reduced, leaving some general “coffee” flavours, but without much in the way of nuance.)

The temptation, with decaff coffee, is to brew it longer or with more grounds. This might help with the feeling of weakness or watery characteristics, but it also gives it an overextracted flavour, leaving it bitter and harsh.

To me, there is not much point. I don’t want to drink overextracted, watery coffee or papery tea, so if I don’t want caffeine, I tend not to drink either.

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