I am Zach Beauvais – a writer and content strategist who likes to help people tell their stories. I came from the world of the web—writing here and there on places like ReadWriteWeb and ZDNet—and spent a few years as a community person at Talis for the emerging technology community of the Semantic Web.

My job titles have worked their way through guest author to evangelist and community manager, and—most fun so far—editor. From podcasting and writing, to creating community engagement plans for an incubated startup, I’ve tended to work around content and people, but try to keep my eye on big ideas.

I tweet, flick, and undertake other webby verbs now and then.

I also make and sell hand-carved items (like spoons) from green wood in the Etsy shop Wood from Trees.

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corners of buildings

Cally Road’s king and I

I shifted the box on my shoulder as it’s sharp corner bit into me. I kept turning my head to see where I was walking – and…

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a bunch of decent spoons and cups

A spoon carver’s progress

There it is on my Facebook wall. 3 years ago today: I’m squirming at a photo of this spoon I carved from a bit of ash. Nothing…

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image of flag burned onto a crumbling stone wall

Ave atque vale, Pax Americana.

It’s too easy to draw lazy comparisons between the rise of Trump’s particular brand of fascism with the policies of the Third Reich, and I’m aware of…