Windows 7: Vista-II

Reviews of new Windows releases always seem to say the same thing, depending on what kind of person writes them. Mac enthusiasts say it’s yet again stolen more MacOS features. Microsofties defend the new-found stability and the speed compared to last editions. Non-techies say how pretty this one is in comparison with the last, etContinue reading “Windows 7: Vista-II”

Why do I want more coffee gadgets?

Gizmodo is a techblog with loads of interesting products. They have a complete set of Coffee-tagged products, all of which I want to own. I have no idea why, but I’ve got this thing for coffee gadgets. Every part of the kit appeals to me. I love coffee They’re gadgets They involve an addictive processContinue reading “Why do I want more coffee gadgets?”


I’ve added a lightbox photo gallery to the site, if you ever want to have a look at random images they’re there. There’s also a link in the navigation bar. I’m liking this new blog, it’s easier to use and integrates better with Windows Live Writer… except the visual styles… typical. Technorati Tags: zach,beauvais,photos,lightbox,gallery

Punching Folks? (Also, first post written on Windows Live Writer…

So, Tim Ferris has decided to start punching people. I know, shocking. I have often thought about this, and thought about the consequences of actually carrying out my own form of impromptu corporal justice. To me, three thoughts rise from this idea: 1st, and slightly cliche’: “Where would it all end?” With only a personalContinue reading “Punching Folks? (Also, first post written on Windows Live Writer…”