Following a tweeted link to “the funniest comment thread ever”, I spent a few minutes laughing at the expense of hundreds of confused Facebookers. They had been leaving comments on a ReadWriteWeb blog post about a recent venture with AOL to share login access. It took me a few seconds to get the joke: thereContinue reading “I WANT MY FACEBOOKS BACK NOW PLZ!!!1!”

Democracy and the Web: the UK gets it while America tries to control it.

I read yesterday that twitter has been banned from the White House. In the post, Marshall Kirkpatrick joked that this could be a reason we haven’t seen much from Obama’s twitter stream recently. I must admit however, my initial reaction was sympathetic with the White House for pragmatic reasons, though the attitude of the PressContinue reading “Democracy and the Web: the UK gets it while America tries to control it.”

Web two dot oh plus one, in the cloud, with bells on…

Originally appeared on Nodalities Blog: http://blogs.talis.com/nodalities The tech world is telling a story about the Web and computing, and the mainstream media seem to be catching on. They’re hearing about clouds, wikis, and the history of the World-wide Web. The whole thing reads like some sort of legend… It was an era, long ago, whenContinue reading “Web two dot oh plus one, in the cloud, with bells on…”

twitter – cloud

I’ve been playing with twitter statistic-stuff a bit lately, and finding it interesting if not purposeful. A company called tweestats will graph your twitter updates; showing you trends, charts, and a “tweetcloud” which shows you your most-used words. I’ve changed mine to a wordle, and thought I’d share it: <img src="https://zachbeauvais.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/Twitter1&quot;

Future of Web Apps

I’m planning to attend this year’s Future of Web Apps conference in London. Their list of speakers sounds fantastic, and I’m really looking forward to meeting some folks in real life. I’m particularly interested in this conference for its stated focus on the web community. Just have a look at the Agenda: How to growContinue reading “Future of Web Apps”

Selfish Web Users

The BBC reported a few days ago that: Web users are getting more ruthless and selfish when they go online, reveals research. The idea is that people are using the web to get things done, and don’t seem to notice that service providers want them to stick around. They even get tetchy with intrusions orContinue reading “Selfish Web Users”

sliderocket: Powerpoint on the web

I read about sliderocket over on R/WW, and at ZDNet, today, and signed up for a Beta. While I’m waiting for them to send one out (I hope) I’d like to talk a little about why I love the idea of this product. Firstly, I was recently tasked with conducting a 40-minute presentation. This isContinue reading “sliderocket: Powerpoint on the web”


I’ve added a lightbox photo gallery to the site, if you ever want to have a look at random images they’re there. There’s also a link in the navigation bar. I’m liking this new blog, it’s easier to use and integrates better with Windows Live Writer… except the visual styles… typical. Technorati Tags: zach,beauvais,photos,lightbox,gallery