Some of my long-term readers (hi, Mum) might remember that my original blog was a Drupal install, and that my less-than-lovely ISP dropped my connection as I was uploading some new files—therefore borking the CSS. If you don’t follow, that’s OK. The point is that my old site was Drupal (a heavy-duty Content Management System,Continue reading “WordPress”

Kiva, revisited

It’s been a few months since I last spoke about Kiva.org, and I wanted to bring it up again. Since writing, I’ve tried out the lending scheme, and am blown away with the ability to make a difference to places where it’s seriously needed. Not only has Kiva created an infrastructure for microlending which makesContinue reading “Kiva, revisited”

Aesthetics and Applications

Image by . SantiMB . (too busy) via Flickr I grew up in a Mac family. My dad used to programme accounts recievable applications on an old, black and white Macintosh, and that was my first encounter with any sort of GUI. Since then, I’ve used both Mac’s and PC’s and have a MacBook forContinue reading “Aesthetics and Applications”

Hulu, News Corp, and the Web (2.0?)

I know this is behind the game, and that the bleeding edge of blog reviews has moved well beyond online streaming service Hulu (even though it’s not yet out to the public). But I received my beta invite last week and have had all this time to play around with it. My initial thoughts: none.Continue reading “Hulu, News Corp, and the Web (2.0?)”