Postcode Paper: What you can do with the right data.

Originally appeared on Nodalities Blog: Last week, I met up with some folks who are building some amazing things with public data. After seeing their Postcode Paper project, I was left with the lasting impression that given the raw materials, there is very little hindrance to what can be built. In the Postcode Paper,Continue reading “Postcode Paper: What you can do with the right data.”

Open and Closed Case

Originally appeared on Nodalities Blog: So, we’ve been banging on about opening up access to public data for a while. Talis has put its money where its mouth is and helped to fund the PDDL to give organisations a legal framework for dedicating their data to the public domain. (We’ll even host open dataContinue reading “Open and Closed Case”

Trends and Barriers

|This article first appeared in Nodalities Magazine, CC By + SA For anyone following the Nodalities blog, you may have read some of my recent posts discussing the trends boiling up around Web 3.0 (other buzzwords are available). The Mobile Web and upgraded connectivity in general; the rise of ubiquitous computing from chips in everyContinue reading “Trends and Barriers”

Journalism Needs Data in 21st Century

|This first appeared as a guest post on ReadWriteWeb, republished with kind permission Journalism has always been about reporting facts and assertions and making sense of world affairs. No news there. But as we move further into the 21st century, we will have to increasingly rely on “data” to feed our stories, to the pointContinue reading “Journalism Needs Data in 21st Century”

Britain 2.5

Originally appeared on Nodalities Blog: It’s hardly new for this blog or our community to cover issues of open access and making information useful for users. But, what if we were to begin speaking in terms  such as: “A call for transparency,” or subtly replace user with citizen?  With little substantive shift of core meaning,Continue reading “Britain 2.5”

What we’ve been working on…

Talis, my employer, has been a big promoter of Linked Data and open-access to information, because we see that new ideas often arise when existing ideas come together. Innovation, if you like, occurs at the join between ideas when they connect. I see this as fundamental to the way ideas and their applications (technology) advance.Continue reading “What we’ve been working on…”