Jacqui Smith—going, but not forgotten

At lunch time today, I learned from a tweet that UK Home Secretary, the Right Honorable Jacqui Smith will resign as soon as convenient to the Prime Minister. Most sources seem to cite the now cliched “expenses scandal” as the main reason, but also mention various moments of Home Secretarial chagrin. My initial reaction was oneContinue reading “Jacqui Smith—going, but not forgotten”

Outsourcing Lunch

There are many things I want to do to improve the way I live. My little plot of the world should be made greener through fantastic gardening skills. My waistline should be happily withering while my biceps should be steadily broadening—despite the physical reality that I’d entirely lose my middle that way. Dinner parties shouldContinue reading “Outsourcing Lunch”

Pheasant Normandy/Hereford

So, I’ve been “tagged” by Rob Styles to post a recipe and pass on the goodness. I really enjoy cooking, but trying to write down a recipe that I like making is trickey. I tend to cook like recipes my Nanny (great-grandmother) handed down: “pinch of salt, splash of oil (pronounced roughly “all”), dash ofContinue reading “Pheasant Normandy/Hereford”

Future of Web Apps

I’m planning to attend this year’s Future of Web Apps conference in London. Their list of speakers sounds fantastic, and I’m really looking forward to meeting some folks in real life. I’m particularly interested in this conference for its stated focus on the web community. Just have a look at the Agenda: How to growContinue reading “Future of Web Apps”