Nodalities and Facebook’s David Recordon

This is a podcast I recorded for Talis’ Nodalities series of talks. Because Facebook has recently made announcements about moving in a Semantic Web direction, I spoke with their Senior Open Programs Manager, David Recordon, about Facebook’s perspectives on many of the technologies they’re beginning to use. We ended up discussing Social Networking as aContinue reading “Nodalities and Facebook’s David Recordon”

Facebook and the Open Graph: good for Linked Data?

Originally appeared on Nodalities Blog: |This post will feature in Nodalities Magazine issue 10. In April, I was watching the twitterverse explode during the Facebook’s f8 conference, as a steady stream of links and gasps and applause and intentions to delete profiles poured out. My initial reaction to quickly-scanned third-hand reports was essentially: “OhContinue reading “Facebook and the Open Graph: good for Linked Data?”

Web 2.0–Don’t call it that!

Describing a company or concept as “Web 2.0” is so, last half-decade. Nevermind that most people still haven’t heard the phrase. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and poll your office or family: unless you’re not allowed out of the IT dungeon or your family all work as tech-bloggers, my guess is that theyContinue reading “Web 2.0–Don’t call it that!”