Nodalities and Facebook’s David Recordon

This is a podcast I recorded for Talis’ Nodalities series of talks. Because Facebook has recently made announcements about moving in a Semantic Web direction, I spoke with their Senior Open Programs Manager, David Recordon, about Facebook’s perspectives on many of the technologies they’re beginning to use. We ended up discussing Social Networking as a […]

Facebook and the Open Graph: good for Linked Data?

Originally appeared on Nodalities Blog: |This post will feature in Nodalities Magazine issue 10. In April, I was watching the twitterverse explode during the Facebook’s f8 conference, as a steady stream of links and gasps and applause and intentions to delete profiles poured out. My initial reaction to quickly-scanned third-hand reports was essentially: “Oh […]

Web 2.0–Don’t call it that!

Describing a company or concept as “Web 2.0” is so, last half-decade. Nevermind that most people still haven’t heard the phrase. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and poll your office or family: unless you’re not allowed out of the IT dungeon or your family all work as tech-bloggers, my guess is that they […]