FryPaper: an interview with the man behind Stephen Fry’s iPad app

Following my post about using the iPad recently, I’ve spent some time using more of the content-focused apps. As I mentioned before, the iPad has turned out to be a great device for consuming, reading and just experiencing media. This has obvious benefits for video, and many of the examples I’ve seen have made useContinue reading “FryPaper: an interview with the man behind Stephen Fry’s iPad app”

Google’s 10^100 (how many can you help?)

I have begun to see that we may be entering a new age of polymaths, and I’m happy to be involved in a part of the business world which seems to sustain some of the best brains on the planet. I remember reading about the beginners of industry—the pioneers of technology and science. I rememberContinue reading “Google’s 10^100 (how many can you help?)”

Future of Web Apps

I’m planning to attend this year’s Future of Web Apps conference in London. Their list of speakers sounds fantastic, and I’m really looking forward to meeting some folks in real life. I’m particularly interested in this conference for its stated focus on the web community. Just have a look at the Agenda: How to growContinue reading “Future of Web Apps”

Kiva, revisited

It’s been a few months since I last spoke about, and I wanted to bring it up again. Since writing, I’ve tried out the lending scheme, and am blown away with the ability to make a difference to places where it’s seriously needed. Not only has Kiva created an infrastructure for microlending which makesContinue reading “Kiva, revisited”