Aesthetics and Applications

Image by . SantiMB . (too busy) via Flickr I grew up in a Mac family. My dad used to programme accounts recievable applications on an old, black and white Macintosh, and that was my first encounter with any sort of GUI. Since then, I’ve used both Mac’s and PC’s and have a MacBook forContinue reading “Aesthetics and Applications”


I’ve added a lightbox photo gallery to the site, if you ever want to have a look at random images they’re there. There’s also a link in the navigation bar. I’m liking this new blog, it’s easier to use and integrates better with Windows Live Writer… except the visual styles… typical. Technorati Tags: zach,beauvais,photos,lightbox,gallery

Typeroom Revisited: it goes pro…

After covering the Typeroom Light beta earlier, I sent a few questions over to the makers, and they’ve sent back some interesting answers. I should have mentioned that the Typeroom I tried out was a lite version (think 3.2 lager, but without the bubbles). The pro version seems like it will have more options, manyContinue reading “Typeroom Revisited: it goes pro…”

Web 2.0–Don’t call it that!

Describing a company or concept as “Web 2.0” is so, last half-decade. Nevermind that most people still haven’t heard the phrase. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and poll your office or family: unless you’re not allowed out of the IT dungeon or your family all work as tech-bloggers, my guess is that theyContinue reading “Web 2.0–Don’t call it that!”

Interview with Adaptive Blue: What is a Smartlink?

After my trial implementation of AdaptiveBlue’s Smartlink technology on this very site, I was contacted by Director of Business Development, Fraser Kelton, who agreed to a Questions and Answers session about Adaptive Blue’s new technology. For a quick introduction, I have been trying out AdaptiveBlue’s Blue Organiser for a few weeks and found their semanticContinue reading “Interview with Adaptive Blue: What is a Smartlink?”


On Engadget, I noticed a post about much-rumoured “Google Phone”. Apparently, they have it on good authority that the people over at Google are working on their own Mobile OS. The interesting bit, though, is that Google has been working very closely with Apple on the iPhone project. If they launch their own Google PhoneContinue reading “Google-i-phone”