FryPaper: an interview with the man behind Stephen Fry’s iPad app

Following my post about using the iPad recently, I’ve spent some time using more of the content-focused apps. As I mentioned before, the iPad has turned out to be a great device for consuming, reading and just experiencing media. This has obvious benefits for video, and many of the examples I’ve seen have made useContinue reading “FryPaper: an interview with the man behind Stephen Fry’s iPad app”

Digital Economy Bill

A couple weeks ago, I wrote to my MP to raise concern for the so-called “washup” of last-minute legislation being used to push through the now highly-controversial “Digital Economy Bill.” My reasons to write are several, and I will devote some more time to explain these later, but wanted to post my MP’s response verbatimContinue reading “Digital Economy Bill”

Trends and Barriers

|This article first appeared in Nodalities Magazine, CC By + SA For anyone following the Nodalities blog, you may have read some of my recent posts discussing the trends boiling up around Web 3.0 (other buzzwords are available). The Mobile Web and upgraded connectivity in general; the rise of ubiquitous computing from chips in everyContinue reading “Trends and Barriers”

It’s America’s Question Time

This morning, after switching on the kettle, I set my laptop on the kitchen surface and shuffled through the BBC iPlayer’s “Factual” category—looking for something interesting to keep me company as I made my porridge and coffee. I stumbled across Question Time, and noticed that this special edition was being broadcast from the United States—somethingContinue reading “It’s America’s Question Time”

Can we finally just watch TV online?

Watching TV online is becoming a bit of a hobby of mine.  I don’t have a TV anywhere in the house, and it is just so much more convenient to be able to watch what I want, when I do, without  having to play around with channels or digital interfaces which seem built to beContinue reading “Can we finally just watch TV online?”