Nodalities and Facebook’s David Recordon

This is a podcast I recorded for Talis’ Nodalities series of talks. Because Facebook has recently made announcements about moving in a Semantic Web direction, I spoke with their Senior Open Programs Manager, David Recordon, about Facebook’s perspectives on many of the technologies they’re beginning to use. We ended up discussing Social Networking as a […]

Talis: We’re Excited

This post was originally published on Nodalities Blog. The Talis offices, for the past few weeks, have been awash with geeky excitement—that kind of near giddy excitement that comes with eager expectation. We’ve all been waiting for something important. For some, this was no doubt augmented with the announcement of Steve’s new iPad; but that’s […]

Trends and Barriers

|This article first appeared in Nodalities Magazine, CC By + SA For anyone following the Nodalities blog, you may have read some of my recent posts discussing the trends boiling up around Web 3.0 (other buzzwords are available). The Mobile Web and upgraded connectivity in general; the rise of ubiquitous computing from chips in every […]

What we’ve been working on…

Talis, my employer, has been a big promoter of Linked Data and open-access to information, because we see that new ideas often arise when existing ideas come together. Innovation, if you like, occurs at the join between ideas when they connect. I see this as fundamental to the way ideas and their applications (technology) advance. […]

Twitter metadata—metaphor?

This post featured originally in Nodalities Magazine. Image by Zach_Beauvais via Flickr I’m sure I’m introducing old friends; but Twitter is a “microbloggiing” platform, to give it its proper description. it gives users 140 characters to publish status updates, comments, gripes, complaints, praises, news and whatever comes to mind. It’s burst out of its original […]

Data as metaphor

I have talked a lot about metaphor, both here and, perhaps sadly, to my friends and family. Metaphor and the abstract are true passions of mine, and I can’t help but see them everywhere. I suppose, it’s the nature of metaphor to be everywhere, really. The essence of metaphor is understanding and experiencing one thing […]

Hook me up

I’ve been blogging a bit over on Nodalities about “stuff being connected”. The idea being basically: everyone is constantly creating data—all the bits of information that can be used in abstract.  These tiny bits of information are constantly being generated by every process we undertake, from the obvious like online banking to the more obscure […]

Future of Web Apps

I’m planning to attend this year’s Future of Web Apps conference in London. Their list of speakers sounds fantastic, and I’m really looking forward to meeting some folks in real life. I’m particularly interested in this conference for its stated focus on the web community. Just have a look at the Agenda: How to grow […]

Selfish Web Users

The BBC reported a few days ago that: Web users are getting more ruthless and selfish when they go online, reveals research. The idea is that people are using the web to get things done, and don’t seem to notice that service providers want them to stick around. They even get tetchy with intrusions or […]

Semantic Metaphors

Edit: the original blog post on Nodalities blog has been archived/deleted/ignored. I’ve republished it here.   I tend to live in a world of metaphor. It’s not my fault, according to Lakoff and Johnson. We all use metaphor all the time: to construct our thoughts and work out abstract concepts. I’ve been exploring this a […]