A spoon carver’s progress

wooden spoons and carving tools

There it is on my Facebook wall. 3 years ago today: I’m squirming at a photo of this spoon I carved from a bit of ash. Nothing about this piece is any good at all. If I were gracious, I’d call it asymmetrical. But, really, it’s lopsided. The walls are thick, clunky. Neither the shape […]

Greed is good?

This is a response I gave during a Facebook discussion about an article discussing Gravity Payments’ CEO implementing a high minimum wage for his employees. We talked a bit about how this isn’t socialism, and I ended up writing this. I think the culture of executive greed (being seen as a straightforward good for the […]

American perspective

photo of the American flag

Friends very often ask whether I feel myself to be American or whether I’m English yet; and I find I always stammer a bit, and hedge. Do I feel like an American? I don’t know. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Colorado, so you could say I’m definitely American. But it […]

Digital Economy Bill

A couple weeks ago, I wrote to my MP to raise concern for the so-called “washup” of last-minute legislation being used to push through the now highly-controversial “Digital Economy Bill.” My reasons to write are several, and I will devote some more time to explain these later, but wanted to post my MP’s response verbatim […]

Open Letter to my ISP

This evening I sent this letter to my ISP in response to their support followup (I’ve removed the company name): Please, please don’t give me a list of troubleshooting tips again… The broadband router is attached directly to the test socket, therefore guaranteed by BT. My microfilter is fine, and I’ve had different units at […]

It’s America’s Question Time

This morning, after switching on the kettle, I set my laptop on the kitchen surface and shuffled through the BBC iPlayer’s “Factual” category—looking for something interesting to keep me company as I made my porridge and coffee. I stumbled across Question Time, and noticed that this special edition was being broadcast from the United States—something […]

Jacqui Smith’s New Immigration Measures are a pointless Gesture…

Blogging about politics can be a bit of a mixed bag, so we’ll see how it goes. I want to avoid polarising talk, tabloid tactics, and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). Instead, I’d like to discuss the latest raft of changes which seek to make immigrants ‘more British’ before offering them citizenship. Personal Perspective First, […]