Presence: RicMac’s first foray into Sci Fi

someone emerging from a misty staircase

I’ve had the great privilege of getting to read Richard MacManus‘ first foray into science fiction. His years as a tech journalist seem to give him the ability to introduce us to an incredibly believable world that’s not too far off in Presence. Presence is comfortably in several categories in my mental taxonomy of stories […]

Is everyone a content creator?

a still from the title card of my youtube video talk

A couple weeks back, I spoke at a client conference for Zengenti (where I work). We split the day into two broad streams – one focused on developers and sysadmins, and the other for “content.” It’s been interesting working for a CMS vendor, and I like the fact that they properly focus on the content […]

Media Temple was great, but No to GoDaddy

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Media Temple (mt) have looked after this site’s hosting superbly. They handled problems (all of which were down to user error) promptly and with a bit of extra care. Under almost all circumstances, I support companies who work hard for their customers’ loyalty. But, they were bought by GoDaddy. GoDaddy has an impressive reputation for […]


Every aspect of society and economy that has been touched by the Web has been changed radically. Even the way we interact socially is very different to 15 years ago. … These changes are being brought about by the Web’s ability to link documents together into a single information space. The Semantic Web extends this […]

How do you begin a piece like this?

Does it start with: “It is time to move on…”? Should I begin biographically, and tell a story, ending with: “and now, I’m on to something new,”? When I met Talis towards the end of 2007, I knew very little about the web, but suffered from a problem of perspective and believed I knew quite […]

Mozilla Festival: Media, Freedom, and the Web

Originally appeared on Kasabi’s Blog: This last weekend, I found myself wearing a lab coat, meeting people working on some of the most interesting projects on the web, while in the queue to an entirely free espresso bar. And, I kept seeing human-sized foxes walking about and dancing. I was fairly sure I needed to […]


The more I use it, the more conflicted I am about the iPad. It’s bright and renders images beautifully. I love the way designers are now taking this big screen into account when they produce apps like Pulse news reader and FryPaper. It’s really fun for showing photos to people. But—and there are so very […]

ebook data?

Ebooks are doing rather well, with Amazon announcing them outselling their print counterparts in bestsellers lists. I’ve enjoyed using the Kindle app for various reasons including: Instant purchase/download (even Amazon Prime can take too long!) One device, not many books Reading in the dark (on the iPad, any way) Searching and smart(ish) bookmarking Now I’d […]

FryPaper: an interview with the man behind Stephen Fry’s iPad app

Following my post about using the iPad recently, I’ve spent some time using more of the content-focused apps. As I mentioned before, the iPad has turned out to be a great device for consuming, reading and just experiencing media. This has obvious benefits for video, and many of the examples I’ve seen have made use […]

iPad-so far

Two weeks ago, I counted myself one among the hoards of silly sods who queued early in the morning for the chance to see, touch and indeed buy the much-hyped iPad. My justification for this lameness is that the next day, I was scheduled to fly out for a week-long conference and wanted to try […]