Pandemic Notes: layers, sleep, and it’s not yours to change.

dark forest obscured in texture and stripped of colour

A week of sleepless nights. I thought for sure I’d be asleep straight away. But, closing ones eyes often opens up the mind and heart. Sometimes, they can be distracted by fun and games – light-hearted telly, breathing exercises. But, draw back, look at what’s going on, and the medicinal application of comfort and numbing […]

Pandemic Notes: comic relief

monochrome photograph to evoke images of uncertainty

When someone asked: “Wait. Why do we all wave at the end of Zoom meetings, now?” My reply: Cause you can’t find the unmute button, because that window is on the other monitor, and it’s behind the Facebook window, and your mouse is busy clicking on the latest coronavirus statistics news charts, and someone says […]

Pandemic Notes: and our echoed voices come back

A friend posted a link to an article that said something about the disease mess were in right now. This friend has a different friendship network from me. It’s interesting to see what their network thinks and says, so I happened to have a look at the dozen or so comments. Every single comment (at […]

Pandemic Notes: I’m done breaking things down, I need to build them up again.

Looking up the trunk of a busy, monochrome plane tree

I’ve been exhorting people to create. To reach out, and make something, in this pandemic – this soul-sucking time that suffocates spirit by cutting off humanity from our lifeline of humans. Creating extends. You reach for tools, for cameras, you stretch before and after you make. You don’t reach to read the news, you haunch, […]

Pandemic Notes: I don’t think America needs to kill that many people.

photo of the American flag

According to these datasets the NYT published: China had 3,300 deaths from 80k infections, and now has fewer than 100 recent new cases. They suppressed the worst if the infection so far. South Korea had nearly 10,000 cases, around 150 deaths, and around 100 recent new cases. They’ve suppressed the worst of the infection so […]

At least once, those bags contained pretty much everything I owned.

shows Caledonian Road tube station

A friend of mine posted a photo: his bags, badly lit by soul-sucking strip lights of airports, train stations, and the night bus. It looks dreadful, and he’s jetlagged to shit, no doubt. He’s knackered, gone through customs, queues, ticketing and had eaten God-knows food instead of normal food. Part of me longs to feel […]

Just type: How I miss Ludlow

photo of ludlow's butter cross

How I miss Ludlow. A brace of pheasants in the feather for less than a fiver – hanging from one of Ludlow’s five local butchers. Each dwelling in a building made by medieval tradesmen. Cobblestones, of course, usually damp, with overhanging late-medieval timbers just overhead. If you duck and twist to the market square, you can […]