Web 2.0–Don’t call it that!

Describing a company or concept as “Web 2.0” is so, last half-decade. Nevermind that most people still haven’t heard the phrase. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and poll your office or family: unless you’re not allowed out of the IT dungeon or your family all work as tech-bloggers, my guess is that theyContinue reading “Web 2.0–Don’t call it that!”

Interview with Adaptive Blue: What is a Smartlink?

After my trial implementation of AdaptiveBlue’s Smartlink technology on this very site, I was contacted by Director of Business Development, Fraser Kelton, who agreed to a Questions and Answers session about Adaptive Blue’s new technology. For a quick introduction, I have been trying out AdaptiveBlue’s Blue Organiser for a few weeks and found their semanticContinue reading “Interview with Adaptive Blue: What is a Smartlink?”

How Smart can a Link Be?

In a bid to test a bit of the Semantic Web, I have inserted a little line of Java script into my blog which should automatically turn many of my links Smart. Not 8 hours after I had inserted the script, I was contacted by Fraser at AdaptiveBlue, the creaters of the Smartlink technology, whoContinue reading “How Smart can a Link Be?”

News Online

For avid news readers, not much beats a classic broadsheet newspaper for quality content and writership. Although I use Google Reader to keep up with the best of the blogs, and sometimes skim Technorati and Digg for new reads, I keep coming back to the consistent content found on traditional newspapers–online. That isn’t to sayContinue reading “News Online”


On Engadget, I noticed a post about much-rumoured “Google Phone”. Apparently, they have it on good authority that the people over at Google are working on their own Mobile OS. The interesting bit, though, is that Google has been working very closely with Apple on the iPhone project. If they launch their own Google PhoneContinue reading “Google-i-phone”

Church 2.0: Part 1 (Rough Draft)

Having been reading Rob Bell’s Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith, I’ve begun formulating a few thoughts on what some have called the ’emergent church’. Because I work with the internet, I tend to see things from an ‘online’ perspective. When I see a presentation, I ask why it doesn’t link to resources and IContinue reading “Church 2.0: Part 1 (Rough Draft)”