Memory is a long-exposure photo

Memory is a long-exposure photo. Things that move the least hold the best focus. Picture a room from your childhood home. Parts of it are so clear, you almost feel you could turn a corner and be there. Your fingers feel the texture of those curtains, and you notice the definite smell of sun-heated windowsillsContinue reading “Memory is a long-exposure photo”

Coffee Basics from Union Hand-Roasted Coffee: a podcast

Today, I spoke with Jeremy Torz from Union Hand-Roasted Coffee. We recorded part of our conversation about British coffee as a podcast. I am interested in ways people can get the most out of the pleasurable experience that is coffee, without being daunted by anything hugely technical, expensive or difficult to operate. I asked Jeremy aboutContinue reading “Coffee Basics from Union Hand-Roasted Coffee: a podcast”

Innovative Design: puppy-style

When Lucas joined our household, I knew he’d make a great working dog. His sire was a steady, dependable sort who is used for picking up, and Lucas took immediately to retrieving. Not only do I like the idea of having him with me in the field, but I can also see just how much dogs seemContinue reading “Innovative Design: puppy-style”


1, 2, 3…4. That little bit, between each number—count it: 1, 2, 3, 4; The essence of the fourth dimension, the way our bodies, lives, minds and souls are moving through spacetime; When it’s even, when it’s expressive in and of itself; Circadian, pulmonary, seasonal, tidal; Everything moves, and has rhythm. I’ve always found somethingContinue reading “Rhythm”

Pheasant Normandy/Hereford

So, I’ve been “tagged” by Rob Styles to post a recipe and pass on the goodness. I really enjoy cooking, but trying to write down a recipe that I like making is trickey. I tend to cook like recipes my Nanny (great-grandmother) handed down: “pinch of salt, splash of oil (pronounced roughly “all”), dash ofContinue reading “Pheasant Normandy/Hereford”