At least once, those bags contained pretty much everything I owned.

shows Caledonian Road tube station

A friend of mine posted a photo: his bags, badly lit by soul-sucking strip lights of airports, train stations, and the night bus. It looks dreadful, and he’s jetlagged to shit, no doubt. He’s knackered, gone through customs, queues, ticketing and had eaten God-knows food instead of normal food. Part of me longs to feel […]

Just type: How I miss Ludlow

photo of ludlow's butter cross

How I miss Ludlow. A brace of pheasants in the feather for less than a fiver – hanging from one of Ludlow’s five local butchers. Each dwelling in a building made by medieval tradesmen. Cobblestones, of course, usually damp, with overhanging late-medieval timbers just overhead. If you duck and twist to the market square, you can […]

Cally Road’s king and I

Bridge over Caledonian Road

Thing is, despite the many people, none gave me a second look. And, I’d never looked more guilty of breaking and entering in my life. “Ah, Zak!” I could hear the k in the way he said my name.“I forgot to put a microwave in your flat. You want one, yes?” “Actually, that’d be perfect.” […]

Moving to Caledonian Road

“No, it’s on Caledonian Road. It’s not got a number on it, you’ll have to find the shop that sells bongs, just up from the Tibetan Buddhist centre. If the head shop’s closed, look for the shutters with “Fuck you” spray-painted on them. It’s the blue door to the right. If you get to the […]

Greed is good?

This is a response I gave during a Facebook discussion about an article discussing Gravity Payments’ CEO implementing a high minimum wage for his employees. We talked a bit about how this isn’t socialism, and I ended up writing this. I think the culture of executive greed (being seen as a straightforward good for the […]

Remember your baptism!

photo of a carved, wooden cross

“Remember your baptism!” Droplets splatter my face, and a strong scent of rosemary fills the air as the grinning bishop flicks water at us. This was not part of the confirmation service I was expecting. Members of the Ely Cathedral congregation were urged with a splash to recall their original commitment to Christ. It’s a […]

I used FaxYourGP to opt out of

Update below For a couple weeks, Radio 4’s PM has been sharing dreadful worries over, an NHS initiative to collate our medical records into a single database. Every caller I’ve heard has complained, and is scared about their data. My own reaction is conflicted. I used to work as an evangelist for a company […]

Media Temple was great, but No to GoDaddy

Image of texture

Media Temple (mt) have looked after this site’s hosting superbly. They handled problems (all of which were down to user error) promptly and with a bit of extra care. Under almost all circumstances, I support companies who work hard for their customers’ loyalty. But, they were bought by GoDaddy. GoDaddy has an impressive reputation for […]

This is the shape the wood wants to be

photo of a green-carved kuksa

Birch smells amazing while it’s still green. It is easier than I thought, shaping half a log into a bowl. It is harder than I thought possible to finish a simple curve with a straight blade. Countless generations have carved necessary items out of wood. It was the material to hand, and a few good […]

When I just can’t, Just Type

photo of arches at a ruined abbey

This spring has been an interesting season. Often, I put words up on a screen to make my thoughts make sense. If I can organise the paragraphs into something resembling a coherent piece of writing, maybe my own plans and priorities can follow. I use a tumblr blog for many of these unpolished pieces, and […]