Is it pensions, or wealth inequality that means we’re worse off than our folks?

A recent article in the Guardian prompted me to ask an open-ended question on Facebook. What followed is the beginning of an interesting conversation, which I’d like to study further. Here’s what I asked: Is it just pensions, or is it because more wealth is in the hands of fewer people overall that we areContinue reading “Is it pensions, or wealth inequality that means we’re worse off than our folks?”

Is everyone a content creator?

A couple weeks back, I spoke at a client conference for Zengenti (where I work). We split the day into two broad streams – one focused on developers and sysadmins, and the other for “content.” It’s been interesting working for a CMS vendor, and I like the fact that they properly focus on the contentContinue reading “Is everyone a content creator?”

Remember your baptism!

“Remember your baptism!” Droplets splatter my face, and a strong scent of rosemary fills the air as the grinning bishop flicks water at us. This was not part of the confirmation service I was expecting. Members of the Ely Cathedral congregation were urged with a splash to recall their original commitment to Christ. It’s aContinue reading “Remember your baptism!”

I used FaxYourGP to opt out of

Update below For a couple weeks, Radio 4’s PM has been sharing dreadful worries over, an NHS initiative to collate our medical records into a single database. Every caller I’ve heard has complained, and is scared about their data. My own reaction is conflicted. I used to work as an evangelist for a companyContinue reading “I used FaxYourGP to opt out of”

Media Temple was great, but No to GoDaddy

Media Temple (mt) have looked after this site’s hosting superbly. They handled problems (all of which were down to user error) promptly and with a bit of extra care. Under almost all circumstances, I support companies who work hard for their customers’ loyalty. But, they were bought by GoDaddy. GoDaddy has an impressive reputation forContinue reading “Media Temple was great, but No to GoDaddy”

This is the shape the wood wants to be

Birch smells amazing while it’s still green. It is easier than I thought, shaping half a log into a bowl. It is harder than I thought possible to finish a simple curve with a straight blade. Countless generations have carved necessary items out of wood. It was the material to hand, and a few goodContinue reading “This is the shape the wood wants to be”

When I just can’t, Just Type

This spring has been an interesting season. Often, I put words up on a screen to make my thoughts make sense. If I can organise the paragraphs into something resembling a coherent piece of writing, maybe my own plans and priorities can follow. I use a tumblr blog for many of these unpolished pieces, andContinue reading “When I just can’t, Just Type”