At least once, those bags contained pretty much everything I owned.

A friend of mine posted a photo: his bags, badly lit by soul-sucking strip lights of airports, train stations, and the night bus. It looks dreadful, and he’s jetlagged to shit, no doubt. He’s knackered, gone through customs, queues, ticketing and had eaten God-knows food instead of normal food. Part of me longs to feelContinue reading “At least once, those bags contained pretty much everything I owned.”

Just type: How I miss Ludlow

How I miss Ludlow. A brace of pheasants in the feather for less than a fiver – hanging from one of Ludlow’s five local butchers. Each dwelling in a building made by medieval tradesmen. Cobblestones, of course, usually damp, with overhanging late-medieval timbers just overhead. If you duck and twist to the market square, you canContinue reading “Just type: How I miss Ludlow”

I thought I’d be wearing a robe or something.

“So, this just swings over your jacket, and just hook this bit under your… where’s your tie?” The spindly man from Ede and Ravenscroft held some form of heavy, black wool cloth and cordage out to me. “I’m not wearing one. I don’t own one. Wait, do I need a tie to graduate? I thoughtContinue reading “I thought I’d be wearing a robe or something.”

Memory is a long-exposure photo

Memory is a long-exposure photo. Things that move the least hold the best focus. Picture a room from your childhood home. Parts of it are so clear, you almost feel you could turn a corner and be there. Your fingers feel the texture of those curtains, and you notice the definite smell of sun-heated windowsillsContinue reading “Memory is a long-exposure photo”

Ave atque vale, Pax Americana.

It’s too easy to draw lazy comparisons between the rise of Trump’s particular brand of fascism with the policies of the Third Reich, and I’m aware of Godwin’s law. But, I’ve been saying so many times in the last year that we’re all in trouble. There’s been a slow rise of fascist dogma, that seemsContinue reading “Ave atque vale, Pax Americana.”

Presence: RicMac’s first foray into Sci Fi

I’ve had the great privilege of getting to read Richard MacManus‘ first foray into science fiction. His years as a tech journalist seem to give him the ability to introduce us to an incredibly believable world that’s not too far off in Presence. Presence is comfortably in several categories in my mental taxonomy of storiesContinue reading “Presence: RicMac’s first foray into Sci Fi”