The online society as a language group?

I was recently asked a very interesting question via formspring. An anonymous person asked me: I think the ability to “filter” — to absorb information from many sources and produce a useful result, quickly — is what really defines the “digital native.” Your thoughts? Below is my response. I’d be interested in what you think. […]

How badly do you want an iPad?

The iPad is something I’m more curious about than lustful for. I want to see how it works, how it feels to use and what difference it’ll make to the way I do things.

I’ll be interested to see how it does at conferences, for example. Whether the format of a tablet is a useful thing to have due to weight and room.

Also, I want to see how media is rendered and if it really does change anything about the way I interact with content.

So, not hugely badly, but I’ll be happy to try it out. I imagine it might grow on me though.