Emotions, intuition, consciousness. Which is the better guide?

Guide to what?

Emotion is for interactions with people and yourself. I feel a certain way, and I have to question why and to what extent. I feel a reaction to or perceive the emotions of another, and I modify my behaviour.

Intuition, I don’t understand completely. I see it almost as an inclination, a set of skills or simply things one has practiced more. I’m intuitively perceptive to rhythm (That’s how I see it, anyway), so I suppose this would be a good guide to specific things, like playing music or creativity. An artist subconsciously guides their medium, intuitively placing and removing and creating and forming. Thinking too hard breaks the instinct.

Consciousness is being aware. Without this, all other perception simply doesn’t exist. It’s like light: no matter how healthy your eyes may be, or how quick your reflexes or tuned your appreciations and intuitions, you cannot see without it. I suppose all other senses feed into this, and it’s up to our minds to sort it, to ponder it, to make decisions.

Published by Zach Beauvais

Zach is an amateur greenwood worker, mainly carving spoons, bowls and kuksas. He's worked professionally as an online editor and community manager.

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