Unfavourable rail network numbers

I have come to the conclusion, after being without a car for five years, that travel by rail in the UK is just about the most infuriating process you can undertake on a regular basis. Every day, one of my 6 train journeys to or from work will fail in some way or other. Either […]

Back from travels

Well, I and the wife traveled to Limoges in France to Amsterdam over the last two weeks. In France, I had the misfortune of being almost completely without the ability to smell or taste anything thanks to a lingering cold which also incapacitated me on the final Friday of the trip. Our French hosts cooked […]

Semantic Metaphors

Edit: the original blog post on Nodalities blog has been archived/deleted/ignored. I’ve republished it here.   I tend to live in a world of metaphor. It’s not my fault, according to Lakoff and Johnson. We all use metaphor all the time: to construct our thoughts and work out abstract concepts. I’ve been exploring this a […]

Walled gardens: mapping the parties

Originally appeared on the Nodalities blog – which has since been consigned to the wayback machine. 29th April 2008, 11:34 am by Zach Beauvais In: Uncategorized The essence of metaphor is understanding and experiencing on kind of thing in terms of another. –Lakoff and Johnson (1980) Would you join me for a party? It’s a […]