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For avid news readers, not much beats a classic broadsheet newspaper for quality content and writership. Although I use Google Reader to keep up with the best of the blogs, and sometimes skim Technorati and Digg for new reads, I keep coming back to the consistent content found on traditional newspapers–online. That isn’t to say that everything found at a ‘proper’ news site beats everything on a new media service or a blog. Indeed, many blogs have amazingly-tuned insights and offer the best rants on the planet. But, when you want general news, looking through the often opined views of one-man blogs can be a headache. Much blog content is very focused, and most Digg and Technorati articles lean towards the geeky. I landed some time ago at the Times Online and frequently browse its headlines.

The Times Online has some of my favourite columnists and consistently high-quality comment. Who can resist a rant or opinion from Jeremy Clarkson? Alongside, Lord Rees-Mogg and his ilk of commentators whose opinion I have come to respect (if not always with 100% agreement!) However, I do have a few problems with the Times Online. There is, actually, only one major complaint.

It is so slow!

It boasts its Windows links and utilizes “Live Search” instead of Google, and I wonder if this architecture is what makes it so mind-numbingly time-consuming. Its content is well-positioned and not as graphic heavy as many sites whose load-time is much faster (check out Top Gear for an example of a slow site which is faster!). If you want to view many articles in a single sitting and open up multiple tabs (as I am prone to do) You will find them still loading long after you’ve made a cuppa. I find the layout pleasing, and the ease of navigating its absoultely vast content brilliant; but I can’t get over how slowly I have to navigate these pages. It also doesn’t seem to like Firefox very much (thanks Windows integration?). If you have any better news sites, let me know. It is still worth a look, though, for it simply houses some of the best news content online!

Published by Zach Beauvais

Zach is an amateur greenwood worker, mainly carving spoons, bowls and kuksas. He's worked professionally as an online editor and community manager.

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